The summer of 1383, and Faerun is about to be blown sky-high.

Across the barren, beast-infested savannah of the Shaar, one mortal will rise higher than any hero before.

Don the Mask. Raise the Sword. Seize the Crown.


"It feels...different, doesn’t it?

Old friends no longer seem your true equals: the bounds of this world no longer seem so great as once they did. You will find yourself torn from the ones you love. They will wither and die. You will only know how to grow ever stronger.

The Second Crusade has changed things. Gods and mortals have recalled that the lines separating them can be broken.

Prepare yourself. A dark tide is sweeping through the planes. Its target is Faerun, and an upheaval even my sight cannot penetrate.

Death holds no answers. You, Knight Captain, know that better than most."

Kelemvor Lyonsbane

Saturday, 24 January 2009


Screenshots from the Palace of Sorrows:
1- the Sorrowguard. Nasty.
2- Proof that super-epic level isn't always easy: my party of level 30s gets its arse kicked.
3 & 4- Be afraid. Be very afraid.


Lariam said...

The spoiler alert was so effective that I didn't really give these screenies a look. But I'm glad to see an update, anyway!

Eguintir Eligard said...

I love these shots. I kept confusing it with EC pattersons work because you guys have the same signature. But THIS is the campaign I'm really holding my breathe for.