The summer of 1383, and Faerun is about to be blown sky-high.

Across the barren, beast-infested savannah of the Shaar, one mortal will rise higher than any hero before.

Don the Mask. Raise the Sword. Seize the Crown.


"It feels...different, doesn’t it?

Old friends no longer seem your true equals: the bounds of this world no longer seem so great as once they did. You will find yourself torn from the ones you love. They will wither and die. You will only know how to grow ever stronger.

The Second Crusade has changed things. Gods and mortals have recalled that the lines separating them can be broken.

Prepare yourself. A dark tide is sweeping through the planes. Its target is Faerun, and an upheaval even my sight cannot penetrate.

Death holds no answers. You, Knight Captain, know that better than most."

Kelemvor Lyonsbane

Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Screenshots #5

Shots today feature the 'Hall of Pleasures', where you'll briefly stop off in pursuit of your enemy. It uses the Estate tileset to make a giant demonic palace, with exterior views- we're adding more complicated lighting, so it will look less starkly red.

Daernvan, the paladin companion, is also featured. We wanted to get away from the 'typical' paladin- this is a man whose idea of 'lawful good' has been stretched to the limits, manning an abandoned Neverwinter colonial post by himself out of a sense of duty.

Also a few shots of the 'Neverwhen' major time-travel'll get to go back to the just-founded Neverwinter Docks (we thought a bit of a 'Wild West' feel) and help your future fellow hero out by stopping an Old One attack hoping to retrieve a certain artifact....


Amraphael said...

A demonic palace can never be wrong. Many pretty screen shots lately, keep them coming it always interesting to follow the development of a module, and this one is on my to-play-list.

Erik Karlsson "Berra" said...

Your project sounds really awesome. I'd be delighted to play it once it's done. :)

I've added your blog-link to my own blog, so if you'd like to do the same for me, that'd be awesome. :)

It's called

Happy moddin'!